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When you call our office to speak to a nurse, the front desk staff may take some basic information. Our highly experienced staff of pediatric nurses are available to answer your questions. If the nurse is unable to answer your question, they will consult with a provider and get back to you with an answer.

The nurses answer an abundance of calls from concerned parents. If your call is an emergency, please let our front desk staff know when you first call. If you should reach the triage voicemail, please leave a message. Messages left on the nurse triage line are checked at least every half hour, and one of our nurses will get back to you in order of urgency. If you have not heard back in a timely manner, please call to the front desk staff and let them know.

If you call to speak directly to a physician, or send a Patient Gateway message to a physician, the triage nurses may call/respond first. A physician may not be in the office, or the triage nurses will call for further information to assist the physician.


The triage nurses will assist providers with camp, school and college forms. Due to the high volume of forms during certain months, please allow at least two weeks to have the forms completed.


Please leave a message on the nurse triage line if you are requesting a letter. The triage nurses will call back to discuss your request.


There are two ways to have a prescription refilled. We have a dedicated prescription line set up for medication refills.  In your message, please be sure to include: patient's name, (please spell the last name,) date of birth, name of medication being requested with spelling, dosage, pharmacy name and phone number, and the caller’s name, and number in case of questions or problems.  

Refills can also be requested through Patient Gateway. Please provide the name of the medication, dose, pharmacy name and phone number in the text of the message. If you do not have a Patient Gateway account, please call our front desk staff for assistance.

Most prescription refills are completed during our regular office hours, Monday through Friday.  It may take up to 48 hours for requests to be completed and sent to the pharmacy.

Patients requesting refills on medications prescribed by specialists should contact their specialist for these refills.

Certain medications require more frequent office follow ups.  A triage nurse may contact you to make an appointment for your medication to be renewed.