At Patriot Pediatrics, we value our patients' experience. Read below to see what our happy clients say about us!

“My husband and I have always been very impressed with the excellent service provided by Patriot Pediatrics and we are grateful to have the practice in our community”

“We all appreciate that you go “above and beyond” in the care that you so generously give.”
P., J., B., T., + J.

“Your personal touch really makes all the difference!”
A. R. and M.M.

“Doctors like you are uncommon nowadays. You both go out of your way to tend to things in a proper fashion -you call, you ask, you care, and youdo so with good humor, genuine concern, and competency.”

“There aren’t enough words to thank you for all you have done to make the children’s life happy again!”

“Each of you doctors are warm, thoughtful, and compassionate with your patients...such a blessing to parents like myself.”

“You are such a rarity -a doctor who is not only knowledgeable and caring, but who also goes out of his way to communicate with his patients and respond to their needs.”
S. & M.B.

“We cannot thank you enoughfor the excellent care you provided during P.’s recent illness. You are always professional, kind, and compassionate, but were even more so in our time of distress. We felt well cared for throughout his recent illness, and your skills and kindness broughtgreat comfort during a difficult time. We are truly grateful.”
The G. Family

“Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family over the years. I aspire to be a physician like you someday!”

“Please know how much we appreciate all that you do for J. and T. We know that you would probably say that what you do for them is just part of your job, but we believe that the time, care, and concern that you show them are extraordinary. We remain so grateful that you are the doctor to whom we have entrusted their care for the past 14 years.”
M. + S.B.

“I am afraid I do not have the words to adequately convey my gratitude for allof your support over the past many long and short months. You are a fine doctor and an exemplary human being.”
With warmest regards, H., M.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the care, time, and effort you put into our little K.’s health and homecoming. You don’t know how much we appreciate everything you did. You went above and beyond what most people would’ve done.”
T. and D.B.

“I am so glad I was given your name years ago when I was pregnant with M. It was the best move I made for my children! We have always had a pleasant and knowledgeable doctor, nurse, or receptionist when we call or come into the office. I tell people how wonderful you and your staff are! I thought it was time to tell you. Sometimes in life we wait too long to say things and I did not want to do that. We also do not mind coming in no matter who we see. Everyone is great there!”

“We are so grateful for all your wonderful and dedicated care all these years. I have never seen a physician spend so much time with their patientsand show such a genuine concern for their physical, as well as emotional well-being.”

“Thank you so-o-o much for your kindness, your thoroughness, your knowledge, your sincerity and patience and keeping me and my brother (and mommy) in tip-top condition!”
Love,A. + C

“We always enjoy seeing you and all of your staff make each visit so pleasant + comfortable + easy!”
S.C. & C.G. (and I. + H.)

“I wanted to share my appreciation for all you have done for both me and my sister over the past two decades. Without your kindness and dedication to keeping me in proper shape, I’m not sure where I would ever be today. A friend from college once told me that the bond between a patient and his/her doctor is what drives him to pursue med school. I realized that I may be taking for granted all you have done for me since I was just an infant. You have done an incredible job, and my family will be ever thankful for your service.”
You Rock! A. + A.




  • "I can trust the health of my children with Patriot Pediatrics"
    Stephanie De Leon
  • "The best pediatricians to take your kiddos to. My kids love seeing Dr. Smith when they’re sick"
    Jennifer R.